Larry Dumoulin for Deep River Councillor

  • For The Record

    "I've never shied away from the hard work of finding compromise. If you seek to serve the public interest, it's the only responsible path. " - Larry Dumoulin

  • Who the Heck is Larry Dumoulin?

    "It absolutely does. I think that’s a great answer" - Jodie Primeau

  • My BIO

    "You may have heard my name before, but you may not know much about me. Here's a little rundown of my experience. " - Larry Dumoulin

  • Water Quality

    "It is no secret we have experienced numerous and on-going issues with the quality of our water." - Larry Dumoulin

  • All Candidates Meeting Feedback

    " I would love to hear your feedback on the evening." - Larry Dumoulin

  • Demographics

    "In Deep River, nearly 30% of homes have a single occupant. " - Larry Dumoulin

  • Closed Meetings

    " I've counted 68 specific times where Deep River Council has used their discretion to close a meeting during the current term of council. " - Larry Dumoulin

  • Economic Development

    "I'm often asked what is more important, residential or commercial development? " - Larry Dumoulin

  • Infrastructure & Capital

    "Increasing taxes and fees is all well and good but it's a short term answer to a long term problem. " – Heather Lank

  • Property Taxes

    "council's 2022 budget is now taking in $1,924,540 annually more in property based revenue than in 2018. " -Larry Dumoulin

  • It's All About The Balance

    "It is my honest belief that residents by and large do understand things cannot continue as they have been. It is the nature, scope and pace of the change that concerns many residents. " - Larry Dumoulin

  • Funding Infrastructure

    "The annual tax revenue that goes towards capital has not changed at all in their 4 years in office, and THAT is the real root of our dilemma. " - Larry Dumoulin

  • Public Participation

    "Public participation provides open transparency and makes for a healthier climate in our town. This issue is important to me and I hope to many others. " - Hazel Ladouceur

  • Relationship between Council and Local Media

    "It is said, a person cannot effectively serve two masters. " - Larry Dumoulin

  • Welcome to my Facebook Group

    “Let us be grateful to the people who make us happy; they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom." – Larry Dumoulin

  • Voter Feedback

    “This is what YOU had to say. " – Larry Dumoulin

  • Voter Complacency

    “YOUR Vote matters, don't pass up the chance to have your say. " – Larry Dumoulin

  • Financial Reserves

    “No matter how you look at it, Deep River’s reserve position is in poor shape. " – Larry Dumoulin

  • Current Fire Response Time

    “That is not transparency, and it certainly doesn't even seem to be informed decision-making. Can we not do better than this? " – Larry Dumoulin

  • Asset Management Plans & Your Tax Bill

    “First, although Deep River has done some asset planning in the past, the current AMP is not a Council initiative but a provincial directive. " – Larry Dumoulin

  • Is This Group Informative?

    - Larry Dumoulin

  • Closing Case

    “I’m no different than you, I have my qualities and I have my flaws. " – Larry Dumoulin